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Mobile Websites

Studies have shown that over 75 million Americans are browsing online from mobile devices. No longer can a company just gear their online campaign to be computer-friendly… there needs to be a larger scope than that. For this reason, we offer dynamic mobile websites for all of our clients. We recognize that much like having a strong online presence, you simply can't afford to not provide your clients with mobile accessibility.

By creating websites that are optimized specifically for smartphones and mobile devices such as the iPad, we are helping you to get found and have a high conversion rate regardless of whether your potential clients are sitting at home on their desktop computer or browsing on their tablet while sitting at a local coffee shop. Don't be limited by the technological abilities of your marketing company. Hippo Daddy recognized in mid 2012 the great need for mobile websites and how important they are for our customers to have as part of their web program.

Mobile websites are not expensive if you already have your main site with Hippo Daddy. The average cost is only $150.00 as we already have the text and photos ready to copy and paste.  We keep our mobile sites small (5-8 pages) so they are easy to maneuver and very “thumb-friendly".

One of the most important features on any mobile site is the “Tap to Call” feature. Just one button to dial and contact you makes things very easy.