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Who is your customer? 
Hippo Daddy is not about the corporation seeking to build the 200 page web site and spending thousands. We are all about the small business because we ARE the small business. We can and do build the large site when the call comes in, but we are not marketing to the large corporations.

Why did you choose the name Hippo Daddy? 
Got idea from GoDaddy. We get rollover business just because people remember our name. We still buy domains from GoDaddy and their own employees remember us. We are now in your head... Hippo Daddy... Hippo Daddy. Monkey Daddy made no sense. It would have just been silly.

We believe Lucky Charms ARE  magically delicious.

And while we are at it... Sweetness was the best running back of all time.

AND...Bacon. Greatest flavor in the world. Am I right or what?

Simple = Sales