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Hippo Daddy Testimonials

As everyone knows there is always room for improvement and our website will change from time to time but in our opinion our site couldn't possibly look better. Our traffic has improved greatly each and every year. We continue to receive compliments from our clients about how professional our site is and easy to use. We can't say enough positive things about Hippo Daddy Web Services as they continue to impress.We highly recommend Hippo Daddy to anyone  from a start up companies to a seasoned company that is very well established. Thank you Hippo Daddy for all that you have done to help us accomplish our goals in a very tough industry.
Shelia and Steve
Busy Beever Estate Sales



  We appreciate your hard work and the speed with which you get things done for our sales. 

   We have sent you a bonus via PayPal.  Please accept it with our gratitude. People love the site and Craigslist ads.


Thank you



Our traffic is increasing, we are getting new clients, which is awesome!


Please keep us posted as to what else we should be doing!


You are awesome!

Melissa K


Site looks GOOOOOOOD !!!!!!!




Thanks a lot.

 You do work really fast!!!!

Power Up Computers

It is a comfort having the ability to rely on you.



Good Morning Dan!

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to work thru the kinks on the website with me. I went from feeling a little discouraged by the whole process to being REALLY excited about it all...And for that I'm grateful, as you and your positive spirit make all the difference!!

Hope you have a wonderful day ahead.





I have to say it....and I will tell the world...........I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

My phones have been ringing off the hook since I put that ad on Craigslist....I get results but nothing like this and they are all calls for the I LOVE you, you have done something for me that noone else has been able to do.

I will have the rest of your money for you here in a couple of days and I want you taking care of my site use me as a reference any time you need to....and thank you so much and God Bless you from my family and ME.



It is refreshing to find such service in this day and age, especially when it takes some hand holding.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

(Hey, there’s another testimonial).

Have a great holiday…,

Jessica S. Hoffman, J.D., M.A.


Right on.....your the bomb...:) thank you so much.



You are a treasure.  There aren’t many like you in the business world.  Thank you for everything you have done for me in connection with my business. Best regards, Teresa


I just wanted you to know I am extremely happy with the website and ad for craigslist.
Thanks again and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone.
Lee Grissom
Show Me Carpet Cleaning. ty